Saturday, 4 July 2015

Borstal Alcohol Bust - By Brett Stevens

A new release from Brett Stevens, featuring David, and the return of Brett's older brother Paul
Paul and David have been caught selling home made alcohol to Brett, who tried to hide the evidence by drinking it and leaving an empty bottle.  This fools no-one   and the lads are all sent to Mr Crewe, who sentences Brett to an immediate 24 strokes of the cane, followed by a spanking 

 Brett Reports to Mr Smith for his punishment, but walks in while another lad is being dealt with

 Brett will be caned first on the seat of his jeans, then on his underpants and finally on his bare bottom

 Brett then receives an embarrassing over the knee, bare bottom, spanking

 But Mr Crewe hasn't even started to deal with the Paul and David, as the main culprits and having both being caught lying, they will get more then they bargained for! - Both are initially sent to Mr Smith for a caning

 David his first

 Followed by Paul

 Then the two lads are ordered to report back to Mr Smith in their gym kit

 As the older boy, and the assumed ring leader, Paul gets the worst of the deal!!

 First a caning, starting on the seat of his gym shorts

 and then on the bare bottom

 Finally Paul is whacked with the leather strap across the marks left by the cane

The (Very Sore) End


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Spank Jenga - Andy, Bailey & Liam (Straight Mates Spanking)!

Bailey, Andy and Liam are all having a lads night in! The pizza and fried chicken has been munched and the beer is flowing! They decide to play their own forfeit version of Giant Jenga! This is one game you don't want to lose! The unlucky lad who makes the tower fall has to drop his trousers and underwear, bend over and receive some set punishment from the other two lads! The forfeit gets harder with each round with different implements being introduced. Of course this also means that the spanked lad may be able to get his revenge in a later round!
.......... more from Brett
Ok this is different to anything I have produced before! A lot of the fun here is seeing the lads just as they are, naturally playing around with the threat of a humiliating spanking looming over them. Let me tell you exactly what happened here. I simply explained the rules of the game and told them to play. A lot of the clip is watching them play Giant Jenga! I didn't give any script or direction and just filmed it in one take like a fly on the wall. I wanted the guys to forget about the camera and get into playing the game. That is exactly what happened! With these lads the testosterone was soon flowing and the competitive spirit was in full force. NONE of them wanted to lose! But of course on each round one of them did lose!!  Each round one of them had to drop his trousers and receive a spanking from both his mates! 
I'm not going to give away who loses on each round as that would take away the fun of watching them play. However, I will tell you this! 
Round One - The loser gets 6 hand spanks from both his mates! As I expected the spanking was not too intense for the first round, however it was a big deal to get a str8 lad to spank another mates bare bottom! Not fun for the spanker of the spankee but a delight to watch!
Round Two -  It all changes in round two when the leather paddle and a feeling of revenge is introduced! (this was definitely delivered with more force than the other rounds, Mr X tells me it was his favourite round to watch!)

Round Three - it all kicks off here and two guys lose! They both face the leather stranded whip! This scene definitely contains the most spanking!

I think this is a great fun series and it's about as real as it gets! However as these clips feature a mixture of spanking and the lads fooling around with Jenga I am selling these clips at a bargain price! Also, the spanking part was filmed from behind and also from the side, ive included both angles so you can see the spanking action as well as the lads very reaI reactions! I hope you have as much fun watching this as the lads had playing it! 

This video is available as once complete version or you can buy all three rounds individually!

Please press play below to see the special preview video!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Two Bad Foster Lads!

Two Bad Foster Lads. Brett and Tim are fostered by a couple. However, they are always misbehaving and get caught stealing from their new Grandmother! So it's down to their foster Dad to give them both a good over the knee spanking and slippering to teach them a lesson!

Now it's Tim's turn..

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Caught Drinking on School Premises!

Tim has been caught drinking and smoking on the school premises. The headmaster is not at all happy with this behaviour and decides that it needs a serious punishment! The Cane! Tim is ordered to bend over the headmasters settee and first of all takes 12 lashes from the can over his trousers. Even these are really stinging! Tim then has to remove his trousers and take another 12 from the cane over his underwear. He really can't believe it when he is told to fully strip off and ends up stark naked receiving yet another hard strokes from the cane on his bare bottom! Punishment over, Tim is told to shower and get ready for bed. We see Tim take a long shower, trying to sooth his aching bottom under the water. When he finishes his shower he is met by his housemaster who kindly offers to rub some soothing cream into his sore, striped bottom. Exhausted and broken Tim gets on his bed and tries to get some sleep.....

It's the cane for you boy!

Assume the position!

Are you ready for this?

Get those trousers off!

Another 12 lashes is really starting to hurt!

12 more on the bare bottom!


Shower time!

Tim rubs his sore bottom!

The kindly housemaster rubs some cold cream into Tim's welted bottom!

Exhausted & Broken!

Please enjoy the free preview of this clip!